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From 11am to 9pm - Sunday to Thursday

From 11am to Late - Friday & Saturday

Many of you have asked us, why "El Quincho"? It really means something to us...

El Quincho is an outdoor corner in every home where Argentinian's meet, cook asado and share it with those they love. In this place, they don't only eat, but also they share stories, laughs and happy moments.


Some families meet on Sundays, other on Saturdays. Friends are always welcome too. And both of them can also meet on Friday, Thursday or Wednesday. If there is no time, Tuesday and Monday are also options. Because, for sure, it is always good to meet the people that you like, share nice moments and have something delicious to eat.

 Like we say FULL bellies, HAPPY hearts.


Come along with us and enjoy this gourmet trip to the real Argentinian way of eating!

How it all began
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16/96 Oxford Terrace - Christchurch Central



027 2891487

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